Monday, 25 August 2014

Metro Woods

There's a citric bergamont tang to these sticks, slightly reminiscent of toilet cleaner or antiseptic. They are handrolled with charcoal paste and then perfume dipped in chemical scent.  Made by the Metro Agarbatti Company of Karachi, Pakistan. The scent when burning is best suited to the toilet area. It is a little cold, chemical, and blends in well with toilet cleaning products. This is not an incense to be used in other areas of the house, other than perhaps to cover up cat sick. 

Score: 20

Metro Agarbatti Company of Pakistan

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Mahendra Betco Mogra

 Artificial mogra (jasmine) perfume dipped sticks from Mahendra Perfumery Works of Bangalore. These are solidly made basic incense sticks. Handrolled from charcoal on chunky sticks which just have the tips dyed green. There's a lack of style or grace about Mahendra's products, but in general they are decent, workable, low cost everyday incense. This one doesn't quite work for me - it's a little too assertive, and in the wrong way. It asserts its chemical origins, and makes the room smell damp and cheap and slightly off.

Score: 20

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Mahendra Gulabi

Strongly perfumed stick by Mahendra Perfumery Works of Bangalore, who also make the Belco range of sticks. Strong box packet, shrink wrapped to keep the sticks fresh. The sticks are chunky and generous. producing a pleasant though fairly average scent. The scent is OK, but nothing special; floral notes, mostly rose, some citric. The perfume is chemical, but not harsh. This is an acceptable everyday incense - slightly sharp, so more of a morning or early afternoon use than anything else. It's not one to create moods, the floral nature inhibits use in the kitchen, and the scent is not strong enough to suggest use for covering up smells. A simple morning scent to liven up the senses seems the best use.

Score: 20

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Betco Rose

This is a pleasant rose scented incense stick. There is a distinct rose perfume scent - not sickly, not overpowering, and not too chemical smelling. The sticks burn a decent length of time, with a decent amount of scent that gently perfumes and lifts a room, but does not dominate. The scent is gentle, relaxed, clean, and can be used any time of day, and would suit a variety of moods. As it is a little perfumed and floral, probably not best for the kitchen, but living room, bathroom or bedroom are ideal.

I'd be happy to buy these again.

Score: 30

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Tulasi Cannabis

The sticks have a lively, piquant soapy floral aroma. When burned there is an initiate heady sweetness, but them the soapy notes dominate, and it becomes unattractively chemical, ending up drenching the room in artificial floral scents that are somewhat old fashioned, ugly, and remind me of old ladies knickers. Not good. Consigned to the toilet for covering up bad smells. Not to be used anywhere else in the house.

Score: 10

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Sunday, 6 July 2014

HEM Precious Mogra (Jasmine)

Poorly and thinly rolled charcoal paste onto variable and often flimsy yellow sticks. and them perfume dipped. The sticks are poor quality, but the scent is quite acceptable: a fairly typical floral synthetic scent, but quite pleasant, and with a decent strength and an attractive lingering fragrance. Bought as part of a deal on Amazon, which works out at 50p a packet, postage included. these are cheap enough.

I'm not a fan of HEM, and these are not quality incense sticks, but they do the job, and I find the scent attractive enough to buy again at this price. I do like jasmine incense.

Score: 31

HEM Corporation

Best jasmine incense

Metro Rose

99p from TheVillageMarket, who had to phone me twice because they had problems with the order. Given that I have found Metro incense at other online stores at prices 50p, 55p, and 60p, I'll not be using them again. The sticks are decently rolled using charcoal paste on firm sticks -  not cheaply made but not top quality either. The scent is pleasantly floral, though quite light - the paste is not sparsely applied, but is not generous either, and it seems that a modest amount of perfume has been used. The scent is nice, but in an effort to keep costs down the scent is not very strong. The scent lifts a room, and gently fragrances it with a summery floral bloom, giving a clean, bright, happy feel.  Nice.

Score: 31

Metro Agarbatti Company of Pakistan