Thursday, 24 April 2014

GR International Greenapple cones

Has a pleasant and sharp scent of green apples in the box. Decent sized cones. When lit they produce a good amount of smoke, and last a long time. The burning scent is inoffensive, with some base notes of sandalwood, and brief high notes of acetaldehyde - the main impression though is mainly smoky benzoin. It's not an incense to use for special occasions, but is OK for the kitchen and bathroom.

GR International

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


I've been busy on some of my other blogs for a while. I will get back to Incensed shortly. I haven't forgotten it - and I have plenty of incense to review! Cheers!

Friday, 17 January 2014

GR International Strawberry

These are deliciously candy-sweet and very fruity. There is a pleasant balancing woody note so the sweetness doesn't become too cloying.  The sticks fragrance the room quite pleasantly, and are good for morning or daytime use in the living room, or for use while soaking in the bath. This is a box of eight sticks bought for 50p from Greenwich Market.  GR International incenses tend to be pleasant rather than exquisite, and while cheap to buy, not always good value as they don't burn for long. I am, however, overall quite pleased with GR International products, and will continue to look out for them.

Score: 32/50

GR International

Friday, 10 January 2014

Harati Tibetan Incense

Pack of around 26 dhoop sticks, about five inches long - which is a decent size: easy to handle and store, yet long enough to give a good value burn. I got these for £3.99 from my local shop - though they can be bought for £2.50 online at  or, or a pack of three for £6.99 from eBay. The best deal is from one of my favourite sources, who do it for £2.20, and have a wide range of other Tibetan sticks.

The sticks are by Sumati Padma, who also make Sumati Padma Tibetan Incense - very cheap and cheerful incense; a little crude, but quite enjoyable. This Harati is way better quality. A much more refined aroma - very pleasant and fresh and natural, inclining toward dried grass and, well, dried grass (or cannabis). On burning there are distinct sweet notes of coconut. Lovely. My only complaint is that the smoke can be a little dry and intense in small spaces, so this is an incense that is better used in large rooms - or spaces which are well ventilated.

Score: 33/50

Stamford Aromatherapy Collection (update)

An intensely perfumed pack - these do smell interesting and pleasant on the stick, even if the mood doesn't generally relate to the one stated on the box; however, on burning, they tend to smell old, oily, smoky, rubbery, and generally not as pleasant as the stick. The best two are Relaxing and Refreshing; the worse two are Sensuality and Meditation. Score: 24
Stamford Aromatherapy Collection - Full review

Other ratings of incense by Aargee

Sumati Padma Tibetan Incense (update)

After my initial rating (Sumati Padma Tibetan Incense) in April 2013, I kept the sticks in the kitchen, as that feels the most appropriate place for them. Over time I came to appreciate their earthy aroma more and more while cooking, or to clean up the room in the morning, and would reach for them in preference over other sticks I had rated slightly higher. Now they are finished I want to buy them again, and was disappointed when I went into my local shop to get some more, that they didn't have any. But I have bought some other "Tibetan" incense to try out. 

New score: 30   Friday, 10 January 2014

GR International Fengshui Earth

Highly fragrant perfume dipped stick. This is a pleasant and relaxing aroma - warm and sweet, reminiscent of bees wax polish and honey; there are also wood notes in a sensual musky base. Most suitable for burning in the evening either for relaxing or for creating an intimate atmosphere, though pleasant and gentle enough for burning at any time and in any room.

GR International