Monday, 19 January 2015

HEM Diwali Special

This for me is a typical HEM product. Heady and floral and reminiscent of old ladies knickers. The scent catches on the back of the throat. It's like sprinkling some old fashioned rose scented talcum powder in the room and inhaling that.

Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival that occurs around October, the same as Halloween, Samhain, Rosh Hashanah, and other Autumn festivals which relate to the end of summer.

Score: 16

HEM Corporation

HEM Cherry Vanilla

I quite like this. The scent is similar to cherry sweets, with added interest from the vanilla notes. It all smells quite artificial, but quite pleasant nonetheless. I would be happy to buy this again. I have been quite harsh on Hem products in the past. I started off with some aromas I didn't like, and that damned Hem for me. But they are no different, really, to the bulk of Indian incense stick makers. The sticks are crudely rolled, but so are most Indian sticks. The rolling is done by teams of women across India, and the results can be haphazard. On some of the premium products, where the company wants to make an impression, they will have higher demands, and will use more experienced and better quality rollers, but for the average stick, the results are fairly random. Most Indian stick incense is dipped in a created scent.  Each company is establishing its name from the quality of the scent it makes inhouse. Most of the money and training is devoted to the chemists who create the scents. Hem will be using the same methods and same ingredients as the majority of the other perfume-dipped incense companies. The exact blends will differ, but the methods and skills will largely be the same. Some scents will be enjoyable, and some will not. Most of Hem's scents I don't like, but some I do. This one I like.

Score: 32

HEM Corporation

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Betco Annamayya

Pack bought from as part of a mixed lot, working out at around 70p for the packet. There are two aromas, a green tipped one and a red tipped one. Around 10 sticks of each. The sticks are crudely and cheaply hand rolled onto flimsy sticks. The chemical base of each aroma is quite apparent, giving them a ambiance of toilet cleaner. The red is the more floral, fragrant and pleasant, though on burning it is the core material that is more noticeable, than the dipped perfume. It's an OK scent, reminiscent of rose. The green is like pine toilet cleaner, and is a little sharp and a little harsh.

Overall a cheap and not unpleasant packet. The box is colourful and attractively decorated. They make an acceptable everyday background scent - not too heavy, and reasonably attractive. For the price, they are worth buying if nothing else is around, but they are not sticks to seek out.

Score: 20

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Pan Aroma Sandalwood

56p from my local hardware store. Hex box - no number or weight marked on box - probably from a gift set, in which case there would be sixteen sticks. Pan Aroma is a brand owned by Manchester based company, 151Products Ltd. Sticks are machine machine, so are very even. The perfume is OK, a gentle sandalwood, rather crisp, almost acrid, which gives it some punch. However, it's so mild it makes little impact, and is best used as a very subtle background scent. It's a sensual relaxing scent, so would be good for the bedroom, or in the evening. I wouldn't seek these out, but would be OK buying again at this price if I saw some in a shop.

Score: 30

Friday, 12 December 2014

Flute Champa

Bought for 56p for 20 sticks from my local hardware shop, this has a chemical toilet cleaner deodorant aroma on the stick, though burns more pleasantly, with wood tones and some hint of scorching wool. Champa is the Indian name for the flower fragipani (also known as plumeria). This is a fairly simple and basic incense stick which while not being offensive, offers little.

Score: 24

Ranga Rao (Flute)

Flute Thousand Flowers

A sweet floral aroma - quite artificial, but acceptable. It's a pleasant and calming aroma, suitable for everyday background or for covering up toilet odours. Purchased from my local hardware store for 56p for a box of 20. Good value. I'd be OK with buying this again. It's not one to seek out, but if its there in the shop at a cheap price, it's worth buying.


Ranga Rao (Flute)