Thursday, 26 February 2015

HEM Strawberry

Typical crudely made HEM incense sticks dipped in synthetic perfume. These are meant to be strawberry, but the scent is closer to citric notes such as tangerine and lychee - smells like an American Pale Ale. There's some burning rubber band, burning wool, burning plastic, and a sense of chemicals about it all. But the fruit notes do dominate. Despite the crudeness of the manufacture, and the undesirable base notes, the fruity top notes are sharp and lively, and will waken up a room.

Score: 30

HEM Corporation

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Stamford Magic Angel

Machine made from charcoal paste and volatile perfumes onto a pink dyed stick. Initially a clean, slightly antiseptic, slightly artificial medicinal aroma arises - this has some sharp notes. Gradually warmer sandalwood and musk notes emerge, combined with a candy sweet fragrance. Overall, a fairly pleasant and attractive scent suitable for most everyday occasions. It doesn't grab attention, and is too sweet for the kitchen or bathroom, while the sharp, slightly artificial notes I find a little off-putting; but on the whole, a decent everyday scent. Lifts a room and is quite welcoming.

The more I burn this, the more I like it. Clean, sweet, pleasant, and lingers attractively a long time. 

Score: 39

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Monday, 23 February 2015

Sugandha Swarna

A rather dark, unattractive design which has been copyright protected. The sticks are made by , who are based in Bangalore and were founded in the 1970s. They are crudely handrolled from charcoal and sandalwood paste, and then dipped in floral perfume which has some heady rose notes supported by jasmine. On burning the prominent fragrance is the charcoal - the floral perfume gets lost.

It's not an unpleasant incense, but it's cheap, crude, and there's little point to it.

There is a pink packet inside of 10 samples of a new fragrance. This is very thin and again crudely made. The fragrance is pine and old ladies knickers - rather like most HEM fragrance. Not good.

Rating: 20

Friday, 20 February 2015

HEM Precious Lily

Crudely rolled as per usual for HEM. And a crude fragrance as per usual. Slightly fruity, slightly floral, slightly chemical, slightly citric. It's an undistinguished scent - not offensive, but not entirely pleasant either. It exists, but is reminiscent of chemical air-sprays and bathroom and toilet cleaners. Would be OK to cover up bad scents, but is not really an incense to recommend or to buy again, even for that basic task, given how many other more pleasant incenses one could buy instead. 

Score: 20

HEM Corporation

Satya Supreme

Satya products tend to be very well made. The box is colourful and attractively designed, and the sticks are very well made to a consistently high quality. The masala powder is yellowish brown, with a very fine perfume. There are fresh citric notes of lemon and tangerine with a sandalwood base  and fruity musky notes in between. On burning I can detect the sharp yet warm and wooly notes of halmaddi - there is not excessive use of this resin, so it pleasantly informs the incense rather than dominates.

The fragrance is very attractive, though perhaps lacks distinct character. It is a pleasant, welcoming scent, and could be used to prepare the house for visitors. Not being an assertive scent that draws attention to itself, it is quite discrete - lifting and warming a room without being obvious.

A refined, gentle, very pleasing incense.

Score: 35

Satya (Shrinivas Sugandhalaya of Bangalore)


Thursday, 12 February 2015

HEM Blueberry

I like this. Very fruity. Jammy fruit with some fresh vanilla. Really invigorates and freshens a room. Nice one. I'll buy this again.

Even HEM can make good incense.

Score: 37

HEM Corporation

Friday, 30 January 2015

Dolphin Musk

I like the retro design and the round box. This is how incense used to be, so it has a nostalgic association for me. The brand is Dolphin, and the makers are Sankranthi Agarbathi of Bangalore. I can find no meaningful information on them, other than trade directories. The sticks are very chunky and crude. This does mean they are slow burning, but as the incense ingredient is fairly thin, it does mean that the main aroma is faint and mainly of the stick. It's OK, fairly woody, but more sandalwood than musk.This is not a quality stick, and is not one I would likely buy again.

Score: 20