Saturday, 13 August 2016

Stamford Chakra Muladhara Root Incense Cones

I reviewed the Chakra Muladhara Root incense sticks back in August 2013, and I loved them, giving them a score of 40, which put them at that time into my Top Ten best incense.  The scent is a blend of myrrh and patchouli, two of my favourite scent sources. This review is for the cones, which are made from the same ingredients, though prepared slightly differently. The sticks are made from a charcoal paste rolled around a bamboo stick and then rolled over a masala mix of ground down myrrh and patchouli. The cones appear to also utilise charcoal paste, but also makko, which is an odourless flammable material like charcoal.

The scent on the cone is a delicate pine, with some floral notes and soapy lemon. OK, but not promising. The scent when burning is initially a little dry and smoky. I am getting rather more base material than the more fragrant notes. There's charcoal and basic sandalwood powder, but little evidence at the moment of myrrh or patchouli.  As times rolls on,  pleasant floral notes with suggestions of lime and lavender develop, but still nothing of myrrh or patchouli. This is an OK everyday incense, but I'm not getting anything particularly special from it.  I've burned these cones a few times now and been a little underwhelmed. There's nothing particularly wrong with the scent, it just doesn't lift in any direction, and is best used simply as a background room freshener.

Score:  25


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