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Aargee Novelties is a British company based in Acton, London, and founded in 1978 to import incense and ethnic gifts. They claim to be the "UK’s leading specialist importer and wholesale distributor of incense and ethnic giftware", with "450 types of incense, comprising of 15 brands and 119 different fragrances". They don't directly make incense, but have it made for them in India by other manufacturers, including Goloka, Shrinivas Sugarndhalava, and Mysore Sugandhi.

They introduced the Stamford brand in 1994. In 2011, Aargee developed 12 new fragrances with Shrinivas Sugandhalaya to be sold exclusively through the Stamford brand. The two companies have listed 24 fragrances they make together.

Brands they own*:


Brands they distribute:

Tulasi - (Sarathi International)
Green Acres?


Aargee Imperial 
Kashmir Sandal Fragrance
Score: 45

Score: 42

Stamford Chakra 
Anahata Heart40

Score: 40

Score: 39

Aargee Imperial 
Bharat Mata Bouquet Fragrance
Score: 39

Aargee Laxmi Pooja
Score: 38

Midnight Collection 07 Cones

Score: 36

Stamford Black Incense 
Unicorn's Grace
Score: 36

Midnight Calm (by Satya)
Score: 34

Stamford Lavender (cones)
Score: 34

Aargee Patchouli
Score: 33

Ganesh Flora by Aargee
Score: 32

Stamford Earth Angel
Score: 32

Aargee Rose (tube series)
Score: 32

Stamford Magic Angel
Score: 31

Stamford Chakra
Svadhistana Sacral

Score: 30

Aargee Stamford Jasmine (cones)
Score: 30

Stamford Dragon's Fire
Score: 30 

Aargee Stamford Moods
Overall score: 27

Aargee Musk Score: 27

Aargee Lavender
Score: 27

Score: 25

Aromatherapy Collection
Average score: 24

Stamford Exotic Collection
Average score: 23

Red Rose Incence Cones
Score: 23

Sandalwood (tube series)
Score: 22

Aargee Gold Statue
Score: 21

Aargee Ayurveda
Variety Pack

Score: 20

Stamford Natura Sandalwood
Score: 20

Aargee Jasmine
Score: 20 

Aargee Stamford Cinnamon (cones) Score: 19

Stamford Black Incense 
Demon's Lust
Score: 19

Stamford Satin
Score: 12

Stamford Black Incense 
Fairy's Mist
Score: 9


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