Thursday, 20 July 2017

Best Floral incense

Floral notes are among the most popular in incense. Nag Champa, Rose, and Jasmine appear to be the most popular flower scents, and these floral scents are listed separately.. Dried flower petals or essential oils derived from flowers has been a common competent for incense since at least the days of the Egyptians. These days the bulk of incense production is perfume-dipped. While some perfume-dipped incense may use true essential oils, the majority use aromatic compounds created in a laboratory.  I note which incenses are created using the masala method (natural ingredients) and which are created using the perfume-dipped method (which is likely to be a laboratory scent).


Happy Hari / Kings of Incense
Queen of Lotus
Score: 45

Balaji Red Premium
Flora Sticks

Score: 42

Gokula Gopala 
Darshan Flora (M)
Score: 38

Hari Om Rajanigandha (P)
Score: 36

Sifcon Enchanting Bouquet 
Variety Pack (P)
Score: 33

Moksh Akash Phool (P)
Score: 33

SAC (Sandesh) Champa (P)
Score: 32

HEM Magnolia Incense Cones (P)

Score: 31

Betco Bouquet (P)
Score: 31

Gokula Gaura
Rose Supreme

Score: 30

Sifcon Ancient Yoga
Variety Incense Pack 

Score: 30

Flute Thousand Flowers (P)
Score: 30

Mahendra Arora (P)
Score: 30

Moksh Lucky Kewda (P)
Score: 29

Tulasi Lily Of The Valley Score: 28 

Emporium Dream Catcher
Magnolia (P)

Score: 25

Pan Aroma Incense Sticks (P)
Score: 23

Lily of the Valley (P)

Score: 22

Tulasi Lotus (P)
Score: 20

Tulasi Night Queen (P)

HEM Precious Lily (P)
Score: 20

Sugandha Swarna (P)
Score: 20

Aargee Ayurveda
Variety Pack

Score: 20

The Candle Company
Floral Scented Incense Sticks (P)

Score: 12

Joie Lily (P)
Score: 9

Best of specific scents

Best of Nag Champa
Average score: 34

Best of Jasmine
Average score: 27

Best of Rose

Best of Lavender


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