Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Ranga Rao Cycle Brand Dasara Pure Mysuru Agarbathi

This is gorgeous. A masala incense dipped in essential oil. The aroma is delicate and subtle, combining the sensual warmth of sandalwood and the zing of exotic fruit with the uplifting floral freshness of rose petals. The sticks are generous packed, burning for a long time (around an hour), and leaving the room uplifted with a lingering masala scent. I like that it is long burning without being heavy. And I like the subtleness of the scent so that it informs and delights rather than overwhelms. This is a really good incense. I have been using it around the house, particularly in the mornings, to create a positive and welcoming vibe. I'd be very happy to get more of these. Very nice.

Date: Feb 2020   Score: 39


A mature and well rounded masala incense by N. Ranga Rao & Sons of Mysore, who have been selling incense since 1948, and are regarded as one of the largest and most respected Indian incense makers, although they are not as well known in the West as manufacturers like HEM and Satya. The Cycle Brand is Ranga Rao's most well known and respected brand. 

The subtitle of "Pure Mysuru Agarbathi" is worth noting, as Mysuru (Mysore) has been given regional protection by the Indian Government in 2004 for incense made in the region (Mysore Agarbathi) due to the significant history of quality incense making in the area. 

Date: Jan 2022    Score: 39 


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