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Best jasmine incense

Arabian jasmine is the main jasmine flower of India - it is native to India, and has been used for hundreds of years as personal ornamentation, for flavouring tea or food, and as a fragrance. It is one of the oldest fragrance flowers cultivated by mankind. It has associations as an aphrodisiac, and is also regarded as an anti-depressant and sedative, and as an antiseptic or cleansing property. 

Top Five Jasmine Scents

GR International Jasmine
Perfumed cones Score: 40

Goloka Nature's Parijatha
Masala incense  Score: 35

Tulasi Jasmine
Perfumed Score: 35

Perfumed  Score: 35↑

Hari Om Butmogra
Perfumed  Score: 32

Nandi's Madhu Mallika
Masala incense  Score: 31
A pleasing and heady sweet flowery perfume on burning, which really brightens up a room.

HEM Precious Mogra (Jasmine)
Perfumed  Score: 31
Not quality incense sticks, but they do the job, and I find the scent attractive enough to buy again at the low price.
Tree of Life Jasmine
Score: 30
These sticks have a delicate floral perfume out of the packet. The fragrance when burned starts off with warm notes of sandalwood base combined with sweet floral high notes.

D'Las Aura Jasmine
Perfumed  Score: 30

Other jasmine scents

Ganesha incense cones
Perfume-dipped  Score: 27

Darshan Love in Life Jasmine
Score: 25

Pan Aroma Incense Sticks
Score: 22
The sticks do have a jasmine tone to the scent - mildly fruity, faintly medicinal with a hint of camphor, and the sweet flowery perfume of jasmine. sharp in places, a little vulgar, and rather modest in smoke and aroma intensity - but it's not offensive, and works OK as a background room freshener.

Spiritual Sky
Score: 21
Strawberry jam, and - yes - jasmine aroma on the stick. And a jasmine aroma when burned, underscored with some sandalwood and a certain amount of burning rubber - with a bit more sweet jam.

MDH R-pure Mogra
Score: 20
The sticks are thin, though burn at a moderate and even pace, producing a thin and modest smoke which can be a little bit sharp and hot. The aroma is warm, faint sandalwood, with wood smoke, some damp leaves, and the occasional flowery, sweet note that could point toward jasmine. It's a mild, inoffensive aroma. While there are no high points, there are equally no low points. This is a basic, cheap, workable incense. It has little to commend it other than cheapness and inoffensiveness.

Mahendra Betco Mogra
Score: 20
Artificial mogra (jasmine) perfume dipped sticks These are solidly made basic incense sticks from Mahendra Perfumery Works of Bangalore.. Handrolled from charcoal on chunky sticks which just have the tips dyed green, and then perfume dipped. There's a lack of style or grace about Mahendra's products, but in general they are decent, workable, low cost everyday incense. This one doesn't quite work for me - it's a little too assertive, and in the wrong way. It asserts its chemical origins, and makes the room smell damp and cheap and slightly off.

Aargee Jasmine (tube series)
Score: 20
Strong, smoky, and clearly chemical based. Not unpleasant, but close.

Joie Jasmine
Score: 20
Hot and crude.

Touch Mogra
Score: 19

Divine Spirit (13 scents)
Score: 18
Small cones - only 15. Jammy fruit aroma on the cone - hint of tangerine and jelly mint. Most fragrant of the cones so far when burned, with a decent memory of the jammy fruit and tangerine, and a hint of a flowery aroma that could point toward jasmine.

Top five score: 31
Number of others: 9
Average of others: 20
Average score=27


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